Trebbiana di Spagna: balsamic Vinegar, is a redesign of a label/logo I created 10yrs ago to bring it up to date. It was originally created by hand as a study.


This is a re-branding for Amber Moran Orofacial Myologist, in my area. She recently had her logo created by another designer and felt the design was too "stiff" for her taste and commissioned me to re-create a design which represents not only her, as an individual but what she does as a profession. This logo represents a nature scene (mountains, ocean, and a bird; it also represents the mouth, nose, and tongue-this is the therapy she assists her clients with)

Necanicum Fresh Farms was a branding package I created for woman who runs a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and her Farmer's Market Booth for our area. This design was created with a one-on-one approach so she had a lot of control of her own design that she felt would meet the needs of her customers.

This is a study created for a class, the objective was to create a table tent for the mock company, Pasta Amore 


This is another study created for the mock-company, Pasta Amore, the objective: menu. 


This is my newest piece; it was inspired by an illustration class I am taking the objective was to create a travel poster inspired by vintage travel poster. This poster is to my local coastal area Cannon Beach, Oregon. 


Lil' Guppies Scuba School is a study. The objective was to create a branding package for a mock customer that would attract parents to enroll their children into their School. 


This static layout of a fair map and was a study created to appeal to children and their parents while at the fair. 


The bookmark you see here was created for my take-away piece, I enjoyed creating this piece and it reminded me of bookmarks I saw when I was growing up. 


This "Into the Woods" poster, is a nod to my favorite Broadway show.